Value Added Services (VAS)

VAS is a value-added programme that is offered to the MLA customers. Unlike MLA 2.0 that only provides four value-added programmes, we are now offering as much as six value-added programmes!

MLA 3.0 Tips & Tricks

Innovation Acknowledgement Day 

MLA Online Portal and CEP Mobile Application

Microsoft Certified Community


Software Asset Management (SAM) Workshop

CIO Conference 


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MLA 3.0 Tips & Tricks

A session with users among the public servant aiming to optimise how the supplied software is used.

MLA Portal and CEP Mobile Application

A platform that provides information and reference for agencies that does their software procurement via MLA contract. Among the information provided:

  1. Agency's contract information

  2. Software Asset Management Workshop

  3. CEP Information

  4. CEP Online Redemption

Software Asset Management (SAM) Workshop

Helping the agencies to identify suitable licensing programme in achieving optimal investment potential.

Innovation Acknowledgement Day (NEW)

An appreciation to ministries/agencies that have successfully attained a positive impact in their ICT project execution via MLA. Exhibiting a platform as a case reference to the sectors involved.

Microsoft Certified Community (NEW)

Help to develop a group of experts as per stated in the Public Sector’s Strategic ICT Plan 2016 – 2010 by MAMPU.

CIO Conference (NEW)

Sharing session that encompasses the development and directions of digital technology by industry experts to the division leaders in the Information Management division. Share the Government aspiration in empowering the quality of public services with the application of digital technology.