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SAB consists of six value-added services that are offered by Microsoft to all licensed users. These value-added services can be enjoyed right after the user activated SAB in Microsoft environment.

1. Latest Software & Free Updates

Latest software and updates are now accessible to all customers.

2. Helpdesk Services 24/7

We are ready to help solve your issues regarding Microsoft products that might hamper your operations.

3. Planning Services

Planning services provided can be utilised by government agencies in their ICT investment forethought.

4. Technology

Customers are eligible for Windows 10 Enterprise that are provided, exclusive for corporate and business groups.


Customers can enjoy latest edition of software through 

"Step-Up Licenses" purchase.

5. E-Learning & Course Voucher

Redeem course vouchers for users and technical staff for each of the procurement programme applied.

6. Extension of Use

Customers can maximise their ICT investment by extending their Microsoft license usage to their homes via Home Use Programme (HUP).

Freely access to your Microsoft license, wherever you are by leveraging on Microsoft Data Centre.